Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hello. It's been a little while since I put the photos here. These pictures are new.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

World Animal Day

Hello there all my kitties and peeps!

I know I have been absent, but I have been thinking you all in my nigh purrs. And today, I realized it is time to say hip hey hooray to all of you! 

See, today has been favorite day of the year for me and Misse, as it is World Animal Day. I'm sending my purrs and high paws to ALL animals of the world, no matter how you are, this is our day! 

Let me tell you about what happened today. Lady with Purple Hair and Man with Baseball Hat came to celebrate with us. They had cake to my Landlord, but that wasn't interesting to us. But, they brought toys and Cosma treats, Oh My Cod how happy I was to get those delicious treats again! Big package of chicken flavor, can kitty be more happy?? 

Actually can, as there were interesting toys. First, I saw a stick, that got colorful feathers in it, but to be totally honest, that was very scary to me. Not my cup of tea, but Misse got all wild over it! She loved to play with it, and I am sure it will be her favorite toy.  Second, we got balls. But not just any boring silly balls, these were made of some sort of  rustling material and let me tell you, those were the best balls I have ever played with! Also Misse liked to play with one, and we were just running and playing and having a good time. Also we had snack every now and then, too. 

How was your day? I want to hear about all the fun you had! 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Caturday Art on Sunday Morning

Lady with Purple Hair was having her morning coffee, when it hit her - realized that she absolutely forgot to put my art pic online!! Oops said the Lady. Maybe it is still Saturday Caturday at some places on this planet?! 

Here it comes: More art, you know what to do! athenacatgoddess

It was like a dream... 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Funny (Heavy Metal) Friday

When I saw this site, I knew I have to blog about it. I want one, how about you?

This is all now, have a great weekend you all and remember to join Caturday Art tomorrow! 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Today I feel thankfulness. I am thankful to my Landlord and to Misse, for making my everyday life interesting and wonderful. I would be lost without you both. 

Also, I am thankful to ALL of you readers, without you this blog would be pointless. I would love to hear from you so please, leave me a comment, even without name, just tell me "hello" in your native language! I am curious to see, how many hellos I can get! 

Naturally I am also thankful to all my furpals I have met via the internet. You are pawsome! And, I have great news for you, soon it is my 5th birthday and I need your help to make it my best birthday ever! Please, leave me a comment or send me e-mail about your favorite ways to celebrate. I have seen kitties having dead frozen mice, but Lady doesn't allow me to have some. Also I know some of my furpals prefer bacon a lot, but I didn't like it so much (weirdo you say?). I would love to see links to all sorts of cat toys, what is your favorite? 

At the end I want to encourage everybody to show thankfulness today!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

World Cat Day and Caturday Art

Hey hey hey, how are you doing my furpals? First, I want to wish you all...

I have been thinking about some interesting phenomenon, that seems to repeat itself each summer. For people, of course. Have you noticed the same? I see, people think at summer time, that they have somehow more time than other seasons, and they book their calendars full of all sorts of happenings and meetings. Going to go here, going to go there, going to go everywhere. I saw it happening to my staff as well, especially Lady with Purple Hair was very busy, you remember her having those rats, she also had people visiting her and she even went to abroad. "As it is summer, and I have plenty of time" she said. Hello, maybe something was forgotten?? Like, I don't know... MY BLOG!!! 

Anyway, Lady is very sorry and I am sure she will show it at my birthday party, there we go later, so stay tuned. But, today Lady got moment for me, and let me say, I think she did pawsome work with my Caturday Art photos. Or what do you think? There's some razzberry for all ya'all. 

This lower picture is also about World Caturday Celebration. If not us, who? If not now, when? That is my statement for Lady about updating my blog... 

If you want to see more Caturday Art, please visit Athena

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Last Vacation Night, soon at home!

Today I will return back to my own home. I am very happy about seeing my landlord again. This morning, I helped Lady to make macaroni casserole for my landlord and I think I did pawsome work. 

Also today Misse and I went to The Other Reality. Behind the door it was,  a room where we weren't allowed to go before, but Lady and Man went there all the time, and came back smelling weird. There was also door to outside, I saw them at the window in that room. Very exciting place, I wonder why we were not allowed to hang out there earlier. 

Misse is feeling lil bit nervous now, as we watch Man carrying our stuff away. That means we gotta go to carriers too, so he can carry us out too. Misse in hiding under the Lady's PC desk, and I am just walking around and waiting to get home. 

If I must say what was the ultimate highlight of my trip, I say FOOD. Cosma's cat food is sooooo pawsome delicious, takes your tongue on its way. Misse said the best part was meeting new people and getting lots and lots of lovely cuddles with the Lady, who by the way took so many pics of Misse, that she started to hate her phone. 

Last night we were sleepy like you can see. I want to thank both Lady and Man for taking such a good care of us. And PS. I will show you how our new UFO food machine works, after Man has time to edit the video. So stay tuned!

Saturday, June 27, 2015